FUW boosts heart charity with £39,000 at Eisteddfod

Welsh farmers were all heart at the Eisteddfod, when they presented BHF Cymru with a cheque worth over £39,000, following two years of successful fundraising.

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) was founded in 1961 by a group of medical professionals wanting to fund extra research into the causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of heart and circulatory disease.

After half a century of extraordinary scientific and societal progress they have helped to transform the landscape of heart disease. Thanks to their research most babies born today with heart defects now survive, pacemakers help people control their heart conditions, statins are lowering cholesterol levels for millions, reducing risk of heart attack and stroke.

In addition, heart attack treatment has been revolutionised and many inherited conditions can now be diagnosed and successfully treated preventing sudden death.

Presenting the cheque to BHF Cymru, FUW President Glyn Roberts said: “It gives me great pleasure to present this cheque worth over £39,000 to BHF Cymru today. The work they do is vital in saving lives and their research into heart disease must continue, especially as each day in Wales 25 people lose their lives to cardiovascular disease, which can devastate those they leave behind. 

“The money raised will help BHF Cymru to continue their pioneering research, which is central to discovering vital treatments for people living with these conditions.

“Therefore, I would like to thank all of the FUW staff, friends of the Union and all those who have helped us in raising this fantastic amount of money. We have held many events, including breakfast functions, walked the Offa’s Dyke path, held Bingo events and Whist drives to raise money and all of this would not have happened without the dedication and determination of everyone involved.”

BHF have brought pioneering techniques to hospitals, including scans that look right inside the heart,and tests like angioplasty which are now routine. They have been involved in some of the biggest advances in heart attack treatment and care, from the discovery of clot-busting drugs and the effectiveness of statins to the way patients are cared for in hospital.  

BHF Fundraising Manager for South West Wales Jayne Lewis said:  “We would like to thank the Farmers’ Union of Wales for all their help and support over the past two years. Too many lives are lost in Wales each year to heart and circulatory disease, and we’re determined to do everything we can to protect more families from this devastation.

“Around 375,000 people across Wales this month are fighting this daily battle and thanks to the local groups and organisations we’ll be able to fund even more research into these conditions.”

BHF Chief Executive Simon Gillespie said: “I would like to say a big thank you to the Farmers’ Union of Wales. Over the past two years, our partnership has raised vital funds that have helped power our life saving research in Wales.

“For over 50 years we’ve pioneered research that has transformed the lives of millions of people living with heart disease. But heart and circulatory disease still kills more than 750 people per month in Wales alone, stealing them away from their families and loved ones.”

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