New changes for Approved Finishing Units and Orange Markets

Since 1st July 2021, cattle from Approved Finishing Units (AFUs) in Wales and England and Approved Finishing Units (Enhanced) with grazing (AFUEs) inn England have been allowed to move under licence and be sold at approved TB dedicated sales - known as Orange Markets - in Wales and England.

Unsold cattle from an AFU in Wales can be returned from an Orange Market to an AFU.

An unsold animal returning from an Orange Market to an AFU does not count as a move for these purposes.

Animals that have already moved into an AFU in Wales from an AFU, or an AFUE, can be moved under licence to an Orange Market, but a licence condition will be that they can then only be sold at the Orange Market for slaughter, or to an AFU / AFUE in England.

This condition is not yet included in the licence, but in the interim period until the licence is updated, the licence can still be issued to AFU operators in Wales.

Guidance on the Welsh Government website and TB Hub is available.