Please keep children safe on farm FUW urges

The Farmers’ Union of Wales is urging farmers to keep their children safe on farms during these unprecedented times, whilst many are at home during the Coronavirus lockdown.

FUW President Glyn Roberts said: “Having raised my children on a farm, I know that farms are wonderful places for children to grow up - our farms are wonderful places to learn about independence, responsibility and of course how our food is produced. 

“But farms and farmyards are not playgrounds. They are places of work and they are dangerous. During these extraordinary times, with schools closed and parents having to juggle more than ever, we must make every effort to keep our children safe.

“Children are curious, they will find ways of getting into things that you might not think were possible or up things that you might not even consider worth climbing up on. Or they will just appear behind your tractor, run out in front of your quad bike or pay a visit to that friendly cow that has just calved.

“Farms can be dangerous places for everyone, not just children, but children are put at great risk of injury when playing, visiting or helping out around the farm. I therefore urge you to make every effort to keep them safe - the stress, pain and worry if they get injured would be devastating.”

Alun Edwards, Wales Farm Safety Partnership Ambassador, added: “Many of us will find these times more stressful than usual. But we must remember that we are being asked to stay home for good reason - to protect ourselves, our families and not put extra strain on the NHS. 

However our homes are also our workplaces, which presents farmers with additional challenges to consider. We therefore urge you to take care of yourselves and keep your children safe. Farm accidents and fatalities are absolutely heartbreaking.” 

For further information on managing the risks of children on farms visit: