News in Brief

i) Cardigan Mart Closure 
The final Cardigan Animal Market will be held on the 9th September.  Rising costs, reduced throughput and increased TB outbreaks in the area have been cited as the reason for the closure.

This announcement comes just weeks after the closure of the Cowbridge market. The FUW is concerned about the future of other small livestock markets and the possibility that farmers may need to travel greater distances to sell stock.


ii) AHDB Strategic Dairy Farms launched
AHDB have now launched 2 of their 3 confirmed strategic dairy farms in Wales. The aim of Strategic Dairy Farm programme is to ‘help farmers learn from what others are doing by holding regular on-farm meetings with a particular focus on certain elements of the farm, for example transition cow management or calf housing’.


iii) Mycoplasma Bovis Vaccine Trial Launched
The rise in Mycoplasma Bovis (M. Bovis) amongst UK cattle has led to the establishment of of-farm trials of Myco-B; a multi strain vaccine. M bovis is the number one cause of pneumonia in calves. 

Meadows Vets, in conjunction with the Veterinary Medicines Directorate have secured a license to import Myco-B from the USA.  Meadow Vets plan to report on the results of the trial later in the year.