“I love living on a farm!”

Yes! I'm one of the thousands of people who spend an hour, or two (or three…) on social media every day! Social media is all about sharing, learning, interacting and marketing. But for you and I, its main purpose is to stay in touch with people.

Looking through one of the social media channels a while back, I came across something interesting that has inspired this latest Cornel Clecs. The blog, by the Faithful Farming Family, focused on children born and raised on a farm, and their unique qualities.

It got me thinking about our perfect example, Ladi Fach Tŷ Ni, who was born with a passion for agriculture.  So, why are farm children so unique? The most important element is what they learn from the farm, which shapes them into great people.

When a child grows up on a farm, they learn about work ethic. Everyone has a specific responsibility and a certain amount of time to carry out a task effectively. They learn from their parents and extended family, from dawn to dusk, without complaining because this is their only way of life.

A child learns about life and death from a very young age. Watching a young lamb take its first delicate steps, and seeing the disappointment when the same lamb doesn’t survive for whatever reason. Losing a pet is a very raw experience, but new hope comes in the spring with new life on the farm.

It is important to learn about sacrifices. There is often little opportunity for days out during the spring half-term holidays as lambing and calving take priority 24/7. Summer babies often have to sacrifice birthday celebrations because the harvest needs to be done. Fathers who are dairy farmers may have to miss the start of school concerts as they often start early. Sometimes the whole family has to make sacrifices.

Farm children have vivid imaginations. They spend hours outside creating and building a masterpiece out of spare materials, knowing the farmyard like the back of their hand. Out all day, every day, and only go into the house to have some food.

Yes, Ladi Fach Tŷ Ni has a healthy attitude towards work, sometimes has to learn to lose the precious pet lamb, having to sacrifice something at some point - but it doesn't matter - there will be an opportunity again, and for sure, the imagination is very vivid! I feel very lucky, that this is our child's way of life. She may never be wealthy, but will hopefully have the most important qualities in life thanks to the farm.

Finally, I asked Ladi Fach Tŷ Ni, why does she like living on the farm, and the answer is: -

"Yes, I wouldn’t choose any other life, I love living on a farm, it's a way of life!"