One door closes, another one opens

by Glyn Roberts, FUW President

On behalf of the Union, I would like to sincerely thank you Margaret for all your years of service to the Union. From the early days of Evan Lewis as General Secretary and Myrddin Evans as President, to Guto Bebb as Managing Director. You have seen great changes within the Union, but you have been a solid rock throughout every period of change and have adapted without fuss.

Throughout this long period, Margaret was highly respected by all her colleagues. I only heard good things about her - she was a champion administrator with her approachable personality, ability to be so organised, knowing exactly where every document was, and where people should be and at what time. They say behind every good man there is a better wife, this is true of good administrators - behind every good meeting, there are masterful administrators - Margaret was the engine that kept everything ticking over.

Her dedication to the Union over the years has been exemplary, although her official working hours were 9 to 5, she would be at the office shortly after 8 and there until at least 5.30 - her heart was in the work. Yes in her work and not to draw attention to herself.

Personally, when I had a dilemma - it would be nice to turn to Margaret for a chat and some advice. It must be said that it was a great advantage for me, as she knew more than anyone else what was going on in all aspects of the Union, and would excel her prudent and analytical ability to assist me. Although she would not mince her words, her subtle opinion and unique way of saying things would be invaluable.

Margaret is one of the smartest characters I know - who can understand a person's character perfectly.

Margaret would sometimes experience many difficulties and challenges in trying to get Council or central committee agendas and minutes out on time because someone hadn't sent a certain report etc, but she never blamed anyone else - instead she put her head down to solve the problem.

By retiring, a wealth of information about the Union and many secrets go with Margaret! I wonder if we’ll get a book of her experiences?! It would be extremely interesting - from the minutes of the Finance and Organisation Committee to the minutes of the Board.

Even though Margaret's time with the Union ends this year, another door is opening for her, the door to spending much more of her time with her family. As we know caring for her family is a priority for Margaret and we wish the whole family well. 

It’s a cliché to say what are we going to do without her ... you’re going to be very missed Margaret.

But, we wish you nothing but the best and thank you for all your work over the years - to the Union and its people.

I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome Catrin to our midst, Catrin has been shadowing Margaret for four months and has settled in well with us. As a Union we warmly welcome you and look forward to working with you.