Policy Team

We constantly monitor the latest developments in the agricultural world in order to advise members, and lobby departments and bodies whose decisions affect Welsh agriculture.

Are you a member looking for advice and guidance on an agricultural policy issue? Contact your local office in the first instance, or become involved in the policy committees.

Head of Policy - Dr Nick Fenwick

Nick grew up on hill farms in the Talerddig and Machynlleth areas of Montgomeryshire. He studied chemistry and computational chemistry at Bangor University before returning to Montgomeryshire in 1999 to complete a PhD in Theoretical and Computational Statistical Chemistry. Prior to joining the FUW policy team in 2004, he ran a computer programming and consultancy business, specialising in IT for agricultural and rural businesses, and was also a project officer for the Forestry Commission/Heritage Lottery funded Story of the Forest oral history project. He is married to Elizabeth Sian, an artist, graphic designer and theatre designer. Elizabeth and Nick have two daughters, Myfanwy and Morfudd. In his spare time Nick enjoys playing and listening to music, and has written and recorded with numerous bands including Tystion, MC Mabon, Bazwca and Huw Haul.

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Senior Policy Officer - Dr Hazel Wright

Alongside the Head of Policy, Dr Hazel Wright provides leadership and guidance on numerous agricultural policy related matters. Alongside providing consultation responses on relevant issues, Hazel also provides written and oral evidence to external committees, represents member interests to a variety of stakeholders and undertakes regular analysis of current and future policy matters.

Hazel’s remit consists of those issues pertaining to livestock health and welfare and this includes, bovine TB, BVD, sheep scab, disease surveillance, animal by-products, fallen stock and livestock worrying. Hazel is responsible for the union’s Animal Health and Welfare Committee.

Hazel possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology from the University of Glasgow and a PhD in Parasitology from Aberystwyth University. Prior to commencing the role of Senior Policy Officer in 2010, Hazel worked for the FUW in the position of Commodities Policy Officer.

Hazel has a strong interest in disease biology and has been involved in a range of post-doctoral research projects including host-parasite interactions and parasite proteomics. She has published her research in a variety of academic journals.

Policy Officer - Charlotte Priddy

Charlotte joined the FUW policy team in 2016 and specialises in Rural Development and agri-environment schemes.

Charlotte is dedicated to advancing the interests of FUW members and ensuring that rural Wales is sustainable and resilient for future generations. Charlotte’s role as Policy Officer includes climate change issues, the use of natural resources, renewable energy and diversification.

As part of her role, Charlotte is responsible for facilitating the FUW’s Younger Voice for Farming Committee and the Farm Diversification Committee. She also represents the Union on a number of external committees such as the Programme Monitoring Committee for the Rural Development Plan.

Prior to joining the FUW, Charlotte worked as a research consultant for the statistical evaluation company, Wavehill, where she had involvement in a wide range of European Union and Welsh Government funded projects.

Policy Officer - Bernard Griffiths

As part of his role within the FUW’s Policy Team, Bernard is responsible for agricultural matters pertaining to issues such as pesticides, vehicles and licensing, waste management, planning, access policy and education and training.

Bernard facilitates the FUW’s Education and Training Committee and represents the Union externally on several forums including the National Access Forum, the Private Land Working Group and the Wales Land Management Forum. He is dedicated to liaising with relevant external bodies to ensure that members receive the best outcome for farming issues.

Prior to working at the FUW, Bernard worked for ADAS on a wide range of research and consultancy projects in the agricultural and environmental sectors.

Bernard has been published in scientific journals on a range of topics such as the Comparative diet selection by cattle and sheep grazing in two contrasting heathland communities and the Impact of Environmentally Sensitive Areas policy.

Policy Advisor - Aled Jones

Aled joined the FUW policy team in 2020 and is responsible for topics including the dairy supply chain, Nitrate Vulnerable Zones and agricultural pollution.

As part of his role, Aled works closely with the union’s relevant standing committees and responds to agricultural consultations on behalf of union members. Aled also spends much of his time lobbying stakeholders and politicians to ensure that our members’ interests and views are heard at the highest levels of decision making.

Prior to joining the policy team at Head Office, Aled was the County Executive Officer for the FUW’s Brecon and Radnor branch. In 2018 he became the Senior Regional Officer for the Brecon and Radnor and Ceredigion branches.

Aled possesses a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture from Aberystwyth University. Before joining the FUW, Aled worked as a Farm Business Consultant for Promar International. In his spare time, Aled works on the family farm, is Secretary of his local Commons Association and treasurer of Cilycwm Agricultural Show.

Special Policy Advisor - Rebecca Voyle

Rebecca joined the FUW policy team in a part time role in 2017 and is responsible for issues relating to RPW Online and its associated schemes including the Basic Payment Scheme.

In this role, Rebecca works closely with colleagues in the county branches to assist them in resolving members’ issues with regards to RPW schemes and the online system. Rebecca also represents the Union at RPW Stakeholder meetings.

In addition to this role, Rebecca still works as the County Executive Officer for the FUW in Pembrokeshire, where she is responsible for the day to day support of members, having joined the Union in this role in 2001.

Rebecca possesses a Bachelor of Economic Science degree in Accounting, Finance & Law, from the University of Aberystwyth. Prior to joining the FUW, Rebecca worked in a consultancy firm providing advice and support to farms that were open to the public.

Policy Communications Officer - Gareth Parry

Gareth joined the FUW policy team in 2019 to help provide effective and timely communications on all policy related issues.

As Policy Communications Officer, he is responsible for communicating key updates from the policy team through numerous platforms to our valued members, stakeholders, related organisations, AMs and MPs. Gareth helps to develop focussed relationships to ensure clear communication of the Union’s position on important legislative issues. Gareth’s role helps to deliver a clear and coherent message that promotes the interests of our members and lays the foundations for a forward-looking agricultural industry.

Gareth has a family background in agriculture and prior to joining the policy team, completed a degree in Agriculture and Business Studies at Aberystwyth University with first class honours.