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Discounts & Partners.

As part of your membership with FUW, we negotiate on your behalf to provide access to professionals and products at discounted prices. From 5% off vehicles to half an hours free consultation, we're getting you the deals that count. Contact your local office to find out the offers available, and to activate your discount.

Savings on Professionals

Professional services provided by lawyers, accountants, land agents etc located to serve members in each region. With your full agricultural membership you can gain a free half hour consultation with each of these companies. A 15% discount on the advisors' published fees is also available from most companies.

Savings on Products

FUW discounts allows our members to access savings on a range of products. We have negotiated deals for the services you told us you required most- ranging generally from 2-10% off vehicles, builders merchants, energy savings and more.

Agricultural Lawyers

Land Agents

Continuing Healthcare Solicitors

Asset Finance Broker

  • Pennant Finance Specialist Agricultural Finance Broker - 01492 580202



  • Isuzu Exclusive 4x4 pick up partner

Holiday Cottages

Builders Merchants

Energy Saving