Expression of Interest Window Dates

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BPS Support Scheme The BPS Support Scheme is available to those farmers who won’t receive their payment on day one of the BPS payment window.  The loan will be worth up to 90% of the BPS claim value. The application form is now available through your RPW online account.  Lesley Griffiths has confirmed that more than 75% of farmers will receive their BPS payment on day one of the payment window.
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29 November 2019
Farming Connect Prosper from Pasture Programme Permanent pasture accounts for more than 75% of the total farmed area in Wales.  The Proposer from Pasture Programme will consist of 3 levels - entry, intermediate and advanced - each of which will cover different aspects of grassland management.  Each applicant will need to confirm that they have a valid Nutrient Management Plan.
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9 December 2019
Glastir Advanced, Commons or Organic Contracts Those who have contracts that are due to expire at the end of 2019 will be offered a contract renewal to 2021 in October.  You must accept or decline the offer via RPW online as soon as possible.  
Glastir Capital Works Check your RPW online accounts for any notifications of unclaimed Capital Works.  All unclaimed Capital Works must be completed by 31 December 2019 and claimed no later than 28 January 2020. 31 December 2019
Water Abstraction Licences

You must apply for a water abstraction licence if you take more than 20 cubic meters (4,400 gallons) per day from a surface or groundwater source.  Continuing to abstract this amount of water without submitting an application after 2019 will be a criminal offence.
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31 December 2019

Sheep and Goat annual inventory

It’s that time of year again to complete your Sheep and Goat annual inventory.  All keepers will receive a paper form in the post throughout December.  The annual inventory must be filled in with the number of sheep and goats you own on 1 January 2020.  The form must be returned by 30 January 2020.
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30 January 2020
BPS Transfer of Entitlements You can now transfer BPS entitlements through sale, lease or inheritance.  It must be accessed through the RPW online account.  The recipient of entitlements transferred by sale or lease must meet the Active Farmer requirements (see SAF Rules for details). 30 April 2020
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