Every year the FUW and its members raise a large amount of money for our President's nominated charities. This year we are proud to support the DPJ Foundation.

The DPJ Foundation was set up in July 2016 following the death of Daniel Picton-Jones. The foundation aims to support people in rural communities with poor mental health, especially men in the agricultural sector. Agriculture carries one of the highest rates of suicide and with mental health being such a big problem across society the foundation aims to break down the stigma that surrounds mental health and provide support services for those in rural communities.

Farming is an excellent career and can provide huge benefits to those who work in the sector. However it is a career that comes with huge pressure, isolation and demand on a daily basis. 

Let’s remember that 16.7% of the population have had suicidal thoughts and in 2014 6,581 died by suicide in the UK, three and a half times as many as on UK roads. 

That is why the work of the DPJ Foundation is so important and we are excited about supporting their efforts over the next 2 years.

Use the donate button to show your support. All donations raised on this page are paid in full to the FUW's President's Charity.