Membership Categories


Full agricultural membership

For farmers, land owners, smallholders and agricultrualists. This membership gives you full access to all the services, discounts, guides and advice available. Visit the membership page to see the full range of services.

This membership rate is dependent on the farm acreage. Give your local office a call today to find out more!

FUW Academi

Our FUW Academi membership category is specifically for young people involved in all aspects of rural industry. Stay connected to the latest agricultural news, events and opportunities in Wales by becoming an FUW Academi member. It’s the perfect next step for members who are leaving the competing age of the YFC.

As an FUW Academi member you’ll:

    • Get a monthly copy of ‘Y Tir’ newspaper delivered to your door
    • Be invited to a variety of farm visits, experiences and events.

We’ll also send you a regular Agricultural Bulletin with the latest opportunities in agriculture through grants, training schemes and partnerships plus you’ll unlock access to all FUW member discounts!


Countryside Member

This membership is for individuals who enjoy and appreciate the countryside. You may have a smallholding but just want to be kept up to date with the latest developments that might effect you, instead of needing the full agricultural membership's services.

Included in this membership are:

  • Invitations to local branch meetings to have your say on recent policy and developments
  • Deliveries of 'Y Tir' monthly newspaper
  • Access to a Member Only area on the website
  • Regular newsletters from your local office with the latest news and developments
  • Exclusive invitations to FUW events at the Royal Welsh Show and expert hot topic events near you

Farmer for Life

We are very proud of the history of our Union. How the Union was formed over 60 years ago sits at the core of what we do every day. The farmers that challenged the lack of voice for Welsh farmers and those who have joined since and supported the Union are the reason why we are still standing tall on behalf of the Farmers’ of Wales today.

This is a special membership to commemorate our history and the people who have established and secured the future of a strong voice for the farmers’ of Wales. You may have been a member in the past or have retired from farming day to day but still want to support the Union. Or you may simply just want to support and advance our capacity to speak louder and stronger on behalf of the members.

This membership package includes: 
  • A copy of the farming newspaper ‘Y Tir’ delivered to your door monthly.
  • You will also have access to expert on-line advice and guidance on succession, probate and inheritance issues.
  • You will receive an invitation to a members only cheese and wine reception with the President, past presidents, life members and other board members at the Royal Welsh Showground.
This package is only £100 per year.