FUW looks forward to busy virtual Royal Welsh Show

The Farmers’ Union of Wales is looking forward to a busy virtual Royal Welsh Show, with a host of seminars focussing on food supply chains, rural connectivity, the insurance sector, mental health and knowledge exchange opportunities.

Speaking ahead of the event, FUW President Glyn Roberts said: “We are delighted to be a part of the virtual show. The Royal Welsh Show has always been the pinnacle event in the farming calendar and whilst things are not happening the way they normally would this year, we applaud the Show for its progressiveness in taking the event into the virtual world.

“Throughout the week the Union is hosting a variety of seminars, just like we would during the show and I’m looking forward to the wide range of conversations that are going to take place online.I hope many of you will be able join us and take part.”

Seminars arranged by the FUW and joining details are:

Tuesday 21 July, 11am - ‘Food supply chains and production - global outlook with a local strategy’ What has Covid-19 taught us? ( https://royalwelsh.digital/food-supply-chains-and-production-global-outlook-with-a-local-strategy-what-has-covid-19-taught-us/ )

Tuesday 21 July, 2pm - Unlocking connectivity in rural Wales ( https://royalwelsh.digital/unlocking-connectivity-in-rural-wales/ )

Wednesday 22 July, 2pm - Recent innovations in agricultural research - Joint Farmers’ Union of Wales - Farming Connect Knowledge Exchange Hub Seminar ( https://royalwelsh.digital/recent-innovations-in-agricultural-research/ )

Thursday 23 July, 12.30 pm - Covid 19 and Brexit – Impact on Agricultural Insurance with FUW Insurance Services Ltd. ( https://royalwelsh.digital/covid-19-and-brexit-impact-on-agricultural-insurance-covid-19/ )

Thursday 23 July, 7pm - Mental Health - How are you doing? ( https://royalwelsh.digital/mental-health-how-are-you-doing/ )


For further details and information, please register on the Royal Welsh Show website https://royalwelsh.digital/