by Angharad Evans, Welsh Language Communications Officer

I don't know about you, but there are things I really like about every season (and lots of things I don't like so much too!) but this time of year is very pretty, with the leaves changing colour, and to be a proper Cardi for a minute, appreciating what is free on our doorstep - the hedges full of blackberries and the apple trees full of fruit - there you have some sustainable local foods at their best! And we're in the middle of the thanksgiving season - where better to start, than being thankful for what is local to us.

This time of year is also ideal for a small group of entrepreneurial farmers in North Ceredigion, who saw thousands of unpicked or fallen apples in the local area at the end of each summer as a perfect opportunity to set up a new eco-friendly business that funds itself, and that was the start of Seidr Pisgah Chi.

The group responsible for Seidr Pisgah Chi, some of which have close links with the Union in Ceredigion, includes 5 friends from different working backgrounds, but they share the same passion and enthusiasm in developing the initiative further.

Y Tir on the telly - keep your eyes peeled

Back in February, there was quite a bit of excitement in the Y Tir office! Gwynedd Watkin, FUW Caernarfon County Executive Officer received an request from Gwyn Eiddor, a Designer and Art Director asking if it was possible to receive copies of our monthly paper in order to use them in scenes of a new drama series for S4C, Dal y Mellt. It was too good an opportunity to miss, so our Editor, Nia Davies-Jones arranged for copies to be posted.

After patiently waiting, we can now announce that Dal y Mellt will first be seen on S4C on October 2nd, and I'm sure you, like us, are looking forward to seeing Y Tir appear on the small screen. But how did Dal y Mellt come about?

An adaptation of the popular novel, Dal y Mellt, is one of S4C's latest drama commissions, and its writer from Trawsfynydd, Iwan 'Iwcs' Roberts', is also one of the producers responsible for bringing the novel alive. "I published my first novel, Dal y Mellt, in 2019," said Iwcs. "I knew in my heart as I was writing that it was a very visual novel. It started as a drama in my head, I was just painting with words in a way."

An extract from my busy diary at Tregaron Eisteddfod


The importance of agriculture in the wider context of the holistic fabric of everyday life in Wales

by Glyn Roberts, FUW President

WHAT a week which started with a special Sunday morning service. It was interesting to hear Ifan Jones Evans in his reading referring to the Apostle of Peace Henry Richard, preaching about peace over two hundred years ago considering our situation today! Words of the late Reverend J T Roberts referring to civilization spring into mind, that humanity came from the forest but getting a forest of humanity is much more difficult, as it is still in its infancy.

On the way back to the Union stand I met the Archdruid (Myrddin ap Dafydd) and had an interesting conversation over a cup of tea at our stand, with Myrddin referring to the change in emphasis of land use, and that he was concerned about buying land for planting trees to offset carbon with an extremely important reference to the castles of Dinefwr, Dryslwyn and Carreg Cennen, and the fact that the purpose of building these was to protect the land and preserve it in order to ensure a supply of food through raising and fattening cattle. 

I then had the pleasure of buying a book, Clymau, Plethiadau, Gweadau a Rhwydi by E Lloyd Jones, one of the most cultured members of the Union in Ceredigion. A humble person with a sharp memory. This is not the first book he has written as he has previously published a book on the history of Talgarreg, and rumour has it that he has another interesting book in the pipeline. 

Wonderful to see the YFC Centre filled with life once more

Wonderful to see the YFC Centre filled with life once more

As the YFC year draws to an end, what better way is there than to all come together once again at the YFC Centre on the Royal Welsh Showground at another scorcher of a Show! Competitions kicked off on Sunday with the Federations Display, which were kindly judged and sponsored by Welsh Water. The judges were extremely impressed by the quality and detail of the entrants, and found it interesting and educational to see how each entrant had interpreted and executed the brief.

Competing commenced on Monday, the hottest day on record, with members showing off their skills in another jam-packed competitions programme. The Shearing Pavilion came to life once more after a long time with quiet stalls, and the once dormant YFC stage burst into action with the first stage competitions of the show.

A chance for Cwm Cilieni to shine

by Angharad Evans, Welsh Language Communications Officer

“All waiting is long” is a famous proverb, but of course, some things are worth waiting for, and I'm sure one person from the Senni Valley would agree with this.

I’m going to take you back now to the September 2020 edition of Y Tir when we announced that the National Eisteddfod of Wales Gorsedd of Bards was going to honour Mr Glyn Powell, one of the Union’s stalwarts with the Blue Robe during the Ceredigion 2021 Eisteddfod in Tregaron.

Much to everyone's disappointment, the Eisteddfod was postponed for another year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. But, to use another saying, "Things will get better and the sun will shine again", that's exactly what happened in Tregaron a few weeks ago when the town finally got its chance to shine and host the Eisteddfod.

The enjoyment and pleasure of training sheepdogs turns into success for Rhys

by Angharad Evans, Welsh Language Communications Officer

Every shepherd or shepherdess has to rely completely and put 100% faith and trust in the relationship with the farm's sheepdog. A good sheepdog is essential for the day-to-day work of the farm, as there are remote locations on every farm that a four-wheel vehicle cannot access. But sometimes the relationship develops so well that a shepherd ventures into the world of training and selling sheepdogs. And this is the story of a young member from Ceredigion, Rhys Griffiths, who has recently been enjoying considerable success.

Rhys has developed a keen interest in training sheepdogs, but where did the interest start? Here is Rhys to explain more: “My interest in sheepdogs goes back to my upbringing - sheepdogs were used on the farm at home for work every day. From a very young age I watched my father, Idwal Glant train a number of sheep dogs in the field near the house. Mum also used sheep dogs with her daily work on the farm. I used to enjoy going with Dad to sheepdog sales in Bala, Sennybridge and Skipton, and the interest has only grown since then.

Something for everyone at the FUW stand at the Tregaron Eisteddfod


There will be plenty to see and do on the FUW stand at this year's National Eisteddfod Tregaron, and something for everyone of all ages!

Every afternoon from Monday to Friday at 2 o'clock, we will reminisce about the one and only Dai Jones Llanilar while watching Cefn Gwlad programmes and having a chat over a cup of tea and some cake.

On Wednesday there will be plenty of mischief and fun between 11am and 12pm when Ifan and the Strab - Tomos Lewis Bwlch - and Ifan Jones Evans from the BBC will be discussing hot topics of the day such as football, Mydroilyn YFC, farming, girls... and much more! Keep an eye out for Tomos along the Maes on Monday and Tuesday when he and his 'Strabets' will be walking around creating a ruckus about the interview which will be broadcasted on Radio Cymru.

Have you ever seen a pony as pretty as Siani the Shetland? Well why not come along to our stand on Monday and Friday to meet the star herself and have your picture taken with her? The local author Anwen Francis will be over at our stand reading from her books and also launching a colouring competition on the Monday and then back with Siani on the Friday to judge and award the winning picture.

Thursday at 11am local singer Doreen Lewis will be with us performing live and of course there will also be an opportunity to meet our staff every day over some tasty treats and a nice cup of tea.