Free online Mental Health Awareness training for agricultural sector in Wales

The DPJ Foundation are offering free mental health awareness training online to anyone who works in or lives in the agricultural sector in Wales.

As part of a grant from Welsh Government announced last year, the foundation initially booked several sessions across Wales to train up those in the community with the skills in Mental Health Awareness. Due to Covid-19 these sessions had to be cancelled but The DPJ Foundation have been working to find a way of providing this training during this difficult time.  

Emma Picton-Jones founder of The DPJ Foundation said ‘As with everyone, we have had to make some changes during this period and this is just one of them. The training is so important, especially with isolation being so prevalent and farmers facing an uncertain future. We hope by providing these sessions online we can put the confidence in our community to look out for each other and know how to support one another. It is going to take a long time for our sector to recover. It is vital that we understand how to look out for the most vulnerable among us’

The training looks at-

  • how to spot the signs of someone struggling with their mental health
  • what to do when you spot these signs
  • suicide awareness
  • getting somebody to access help
  • looking after your own mental health

The sessions are 3 hours long and take place over a series of dates and times starting 27th July. These sessions are specially for those who work in agriculture. The DPJ Foundation is a charity set up to provide mental health support in the sector. It was set up following the death of Daniel Picton-Jones by his widow, Emma. Agriculture carries a high suicide rate with 1 farmer in the UK taking their own life every week and 84% of farmers under 40 believing mental health is the biggest danger facing the industry.

Each participant will get a resource pack sent out to them following the training. For more information call Emma on 07920048301 or to book on head to -